Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for visiting my site! Just thought I'd pop in and say welcome to my brand new website, which will no doubt contain a sh*t ton of revamping over the next few months.  You'll notice I have it divided into several sections, each of which represents a faction of my own personal and professional interests.

First off, of course is "The Blog" which is where you are currently stationed.  Here I will be posting almost daily about any relevant topics of interest along with some whoring off on some stories I may or may not have written for the day (these will largely be non-fictional in nature).

Next is the "Creative Writing" tab.  I will start posting my short creative work here as time goes on.  They will largely be fictional in nature, as anything non-fictional or topical will likely be posted here in the blogging area.  

I have several podcasts already populating the "Podcasts" tab of this site.  These currently include The AniManga Podcast, a podcast where me and my co-host Dominic cover anime and manga of various sorts.  The podcast has been around for a few years, but I will slowly be rolling out old episodes on this site as I figure out how to do the same on iTunes...  The next podcast is Shootin' the Shit.  This is a spinoff of The AniManga Podcast where Dominic and I just talk about funny stories, current geek news, or whatever else we feel like covering.  This podcast has also been going on for years and will be having the same rollout as The AniManga Podcast.  The next podcast is Pillow Talk, where my friend Caesar and I tell funny anecdotes and life stories (I'll also be giving Caesar constant heavy doses of tough love in regards to his life choices, because I'm judgy like that), along with talking about whatever geek stuff comes our way.  Lastly is The One Piece Podcast.  I'm not the host on this one, but have been a contributor for the past few years.  If all goes well I will be contributing heavily to this in the coming months.

The final on my site (apart from the "About" section, which is self-explanatory) is the "Inquisitr Writings" section.  This is an outside link to my author page on The Inquisitr, which will also be updated almost daily.  

No doubt this site will evolve as time goes on, but for now I hope that it serves as a little window into my digital life.


Joseph "Jammer" Medina