Episode 1, "Of Akira and My Little Pony"

(AniManga Podcast classic episode from April 5, 2011)

What's this, you say?  A new episode? 

Correct good sir (or madame), like the phoenix Jammer's AniMovie Podcast has burst into flames and risen from the ashes to become...The AniManga Podcast.  As such, we will be starting anew...from episode one...again.

In this episode I have my ever-reliable co-host Dominic, and our regular guest Doctor from the SSAA Podcast.  What will be talking about, you ask?  Well if you can't tell from the title, we will be discussing the latest news from the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Akira.  I can already tell from having heard it that our opinions may not be popular in the blogosphere or podcastosphere. 

As we go through our discussion we will be using this article from Cracked.com to help keep things focused, so follow along if you like.

Also, if you HATE our opinions, we'd like to know.  Hell, if you decide you hate it enough and would like to come on and tell us to our faces, we'd be happy to have a post-episode episode.  Just drop us a comment, and let us know.