Episode 21, "Firecrouch Rising"

(Classic episode from 12, 2013)

On this newly reunited episode we have the return of Jammer as he resumes hosting duties and the world becomes whole again. Dominic is here as well and Firecrouch joins us to liven things up in that way only he can. Now that Jammer is back we'll be continuing our Tezuka month continuing next week with "Ode to Kirihito."

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Episode 20, "The Pepsi Challenge"

(Classic episode from April 6, 2013)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit we invite Zach Logan from the Unofficial One Piece Podcast to join us before he goes away for a while. How some of these conversations come up on the fly, I have no idea but it led to interesting talks anyway. Next week we'll be discussing "Space Brothers" and "From Up On Poppy Hill" with Diego from Dropping the X.

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Episode 19, "We Need a New Hitler"

(Classic episode from March 7, 2013)

On this episode we shoot the shit about various subjects while Jammer exudes no life whatsoever. Can I carry this episode with my co-host at half strength? You'll just have to listen to find out! We needed a week to shoot shit while we gear up for next week's episode on The Idolm@ster. Definitely don't miss that one! If you would like to listen to us as we record new episodes join us on USTREAM on Sundays.

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Episode 18, "BulletBeast with Butterfly Wings"

(Classic episode from December 22, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we have BulletBeastfrom the HunterxHunter Podcast as well as Jammer's college friend Manzella as they discuss their moviegoing experience watching Wolf Children. We also discuss such mind-bending topics such as Racist States and how Pancho Villa changed Jammer's family history forever! Next week will be our Christmas Special as we'll be going over the timeless "A Christmas Story". Yes, we know it's not anime/manga related, but deal with it.

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Episode 17, "The Great Madoka Debate"

(Classic episode from November 1, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we have Jammer, Dennis, and Firecrouch talk about their viewing experiences with the new Madoka Magica movies while I moderate. We get into other skewed topics as per usual, but hey, that's what you've come to expect with these episodes. Next week, we begin our "Ghibli November to Remember" as I watch Studio Ghibli movies for the first time. (Yes, I know, it's strange I haven't seen any). First up is the original double-billing of My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies.

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Episode 16, "So It's Come To This"

(Classic episode from September 20, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit we go over our usual topics of .......stuff, and ramble on about what you may have missed in the last two weeks we were gone. Unfortunately we will not be recording this week, but we'll be back next week with "Deadman Wonderland". We will continue to live stream our recordings on UStream, so if you want to hear us even more off the cuff, follow @JAMTheWriter on twitter.

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Episode 15, "Repressed Childhoods"

(Classic episode from August 10, 2012)

On this episode of the AniManga Podcast, we shoot the shit with Doctor from the SSAA Podcast who goes over his recent con experience at AFO in Orlando. It's a wild ride through the strange, fun, and everything crazy that is Florida. We also discuss childhood movies, foods, and how we got into anime. Next week we will be going over the manga, Sakuran. As always, feel free to comment on this page as well as on Facebook/Twitter.

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Episode 14, "Anime X Games"

(Classic episode from July 4, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we have our annual Anime Expo recap with Jammer, Dominic, Doctor from theSSAA Podcast, Sam/Firecrouch from the Unofficial One Piece Podcast, and Diego from the Hunter x Hunter Podcast. This episode was recorded live during the last day of AX 2012 so we go through a lot, including things you may or may not care about, but that's what these episodes are for!! Next episode we finally go over the manga Toto: The Wonderful Adventure.

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Episode 13, "Lord of the Rock"

(Classic episode from June 20, 2012)

In this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we have Diego from the Hunter x Hunter Podcast and eventually Doctor from the SSAA Podcast join us to discuss such crucial topics as the latest movies, anime, and of course whatever the hell pops into our minds. Next week we will either be going over the manga "Toto" or something else, depends on the postal service.

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Episode 12, "Magneton, I Screw You!"

(Classic episode from May 16, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit we have Victor join us to discuss such important matters such as board game movie adaptations, diabolical characters, and the end of the Japanese race. Next week we will be going over a topic of YOUR choosing. Go to the Facebook page and vote on the poll and we will go over whatever gets the most votes.

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Episode 11, "Toonami Returns"

(Classic episode from April 6, 2012)

On this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we have Firecrouch join us midway to speak on the April Fools by Adult Swim, plus other subjects, but hey, that's what these episodes are all about. Unfortunately we will be taking a break this week as we celebrate Easter. When we return, we'll have Dennis with us to discuss the anime, "Azumanga Daioh".

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Episode 8, "Villains Should Be Assholes"

(Classic episode from January 17, 2012)

In this episode of Shootin' the Shit, we are joined by Dennis (Ichnob) from the One Piece Podcast and Super Kaizoku Podcast, as well as Christina from...this podcast. We go such topics as Anime LA, the soon-to be released Shonen Jump Alpha, Jammer's perfect idea for a movie, and what makes a good villain.

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Episode 7, "How Link Spent His New Year's"

(Classic episode from January 10, 2012)

Happy 2012 everyone, it's great to be back!! In thisepisode we have special guest Diego from the Hunter x Hunterpodcast.

In this holiday themed Shootin' the Shit, we go over such topics as where we were for the last month, our Christmas and New Year's celebrations, and Jammer and Diego discuss the new timeline of Zelda while I casually observe.

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